A half-orc druid of storms, who just recently found Melora as a 'faith'.


Sadly, this PC kicked it in a almost total party wipe in November of 2009. Rolled up a new character to be played this December 2009, called Sim. Look for her in the roster of PCs. :)


Mannerisms and Appearance

Duma arches an eyebrow when she is slightly amused or her interest is piqued. She furrows her brow when she’s thinking hard, when she’s sad or annoyed. She’s more likely to grunt responses then to get into a deep conversation about anything, but if asked she will give opinions.

Duma has long, black/dark brown/dark gray dreads that are kept back by yet another braided cord of hair. She has the pointed ears of the half-orc, with a couple of stone hoop piercings in her right ear. Duma has a flattened nose bridge with small, gray eyes. She has a pair of small, under-bite jutting tusks on her lower jaw. Her appearance is shabby as far as “clothes” go but Duma has a few muscles and is pretty lithe. Her skin is a shade of green that reminds humans of stormy seas, and shows the marks of one who spends her life mainly outdoors in all-weather conditions. She bears a few tattoos, the most prominent being the symbol of Melora on her left shoulder.

Personality Traits

Duma has Initiative, Carefulness, Dedication, some slight Competitiveness, Courage, Drive, and plenty of Perseverance. She does not have Tact and gets Annoyed easily. She is slightly Polite, but that’s thanks to the mother.


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