A changeling bard who is quite versatile in talents. You have to be! Otherwise you're just a bard.


Name: Sim Gender: Female Age: 30 Alignment: Unaligned Deity: Sehanine Height: 6’0” Weight: 157 lbs

11 STR 11 CON 9 DEX 14 INT 18 WIS 24 CHA

AC: 22 Fort: 22 Ref: 26 Will: 32 HP: 93 Spd: 6 Init: +6

WEAPONS Flaming Longbow +3 (Two Hands), Dual Arrow +3, Firestorm Arrow +1 (10), Arrow (60), Spiked Gauntlet

ARMOR Head/Neck: Crown of Equilibrium, Amulet of Protection +4 Arms: Charm Bracelet Hands: nothing Rings: Ring of Eladrin Grace Waist: Baldric of Tactical Positioning Feet: Boots of Quickness Symbol: nothing Tattoo: Reinforcement Tattoo

Occupation – Revolutionary (+2 History)


Occupation – Revolutionary

‘Rebels’: At the mage Academy, Sim managed to excel faster than her professor, who, when finding Sim’s race, denounced her quick learning as ‘cheating’. Further investigations on Sim’s part learned that the professors there found reasons to elevate fourth-rate bards who were eladrin or other elf-types, and would bleed pockets dry of the other races. This did not sit well with Sim. Her professors pleaded with her aunt & uncle to send her away, and they found a ‘suitable partner’ of which to marry her off to. Sim shortly after was a catalyst for a rebellion in her old homeland city, once realizing that 1) she would never be seen as more than an inferior breed 2) not having any love for her ‘aunt & uncle’ who raised her, 3) not keen on being married off to a snooty elven lord for political power and to put out the fire she started. Syrupy sweet words in a few apprentices’ ears, a few timely speeches to the servants of the respective households, great performances dedicated for ‘the scum of the Feywild’, and soon gnomes and other creatures were amassing a plan. Sim made sure everyone was on the ‘up-and-up’, communicating between different parties if needs be. Organizing quickly, all the other races and even half-breeds finally stormed the Academy in one night, showing what they were made of… and succeeding. However, since the Academy helped the home she was from with generous donations, Sim was both loved and hated by many in the area, and left shortly after for the adventuring life, her aunt’s ring the only thing she ever stole for her troubles.

Now, Sim lives by her wits and talents, very far from any eladrin society that she can find. She is distrustful of other eladrin, and dislikes most elves in general that assume every other race is beneath them. She delights in putting such elves in their place with her performances in battle and off-the-field.

Sim is a born-leader, but pushy. Whether the party will follow her at times, who knows. However, in her work as a Bard, she also understands ‘pleasing the client’, and thus when falling in with Three’s Company the Changeling knows who is in charge… when Three seems to be working. knock knock “Is he staring at the torch again? Who is Imhothep?”

Sim in her Changeling appearance has huge, stringy white hair with tinges of soft gray underneath. Her skin is literally milk-white, with dark circles enshrouding her socket vessels. Although the Changeling does have eyes, having no visible iris or pupil tends to Intimidate and rattle some lesser minions under her glare. Sim is tall and disturbingly thin in a ‘normal’ state.


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