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    h1. Welcome to my game! h3. Campaign * [[Demon Queen Module|Current Adventure]] * [[World|The World at Large]] * [[NPCs|The Little People]] h3. Schedule * [[Schedule|When We Play]] * [[Onward|Next Session]] * [[Stuck in the Middle|Last …

  • Demon Queen Module

    The first adventure will be based on the "Demon Queen's Enclave" D&D module from "WoTC":http://www.wizards.com/playdnd.

  • Schedule

    We will be playing every other Thursday night, as soon as people can join us after work (probably around 7:00PM). The first meeting was on May 21th. The second meeting will be June 4th.

  • Character Creation

    h3. General Rules Characters will start out at 14th level. Use the standard rules for high-level character creation. The "Character Builder":http://wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/insider/characterbuilder is incredibly helpful for this. h3. Allowed …

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