Character Creation

General Rules

Characters will start out at 14th level. Use the standard rules for high-level character creation. The Character Builder is incredibly helpful for this.

Allowed material

  • Any published D&D 4th Edition book.
  • Any published Dungeon/Dragon Magazine1.
  • Anything else that I specifically allow.

Money and Items

  • Any mundane adventuring gear you want.
  • One 15th level magic item.
  • One 14th level magic item.
  • One 13th level magic item.
  • 17,000 gold pieces. Use this gold to purchase any other magic items you want.


  • You are an adventurer for hire.
  • Your character can know others in the group, but does not have to.
  • Include a short blurb regarding your character’s history2 and personality.

1 Subject to my approval, and you’ll need to print out the full rule text.

2 This is a generic fantasy world, I’m not looking for anything complex.

Character Creation

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